Powerful Breeding Technology

Equinom integrates proprietary cutting-edge computational science with a data-driven breeding method to design golden-trait seeds twice as fast and with ten times the accuracy of traditional methods.

Smarter Seeds: Redefining performance

Equinom empowers the entire global supply chain to satisfy the true need of consumers and food companies. Equinom’s pedigree Smarter Protein legumes (soybean, pea and special crops) and Smarter Sesame are delivering a broad spectrum of innovative plant-based applications. Equinom breeds for and reintroduces high-value qualities: superior nutrition, functionality, organoleptics and yield.

Launching the new era of opportunity and profitability

Stakeholders throughout the supply chain are reaping the value of Equinom’s designer seeds and synergistic business model – for compelling market opportunities. Equinom is inspiring a new world of mutually beneficial partnerships and revenue sources, creating a demand-driven market from “fork to field.”


Operating in 10 Prominent Countries

Working with 12 Major Grain Handlers

80K Growing Acres

Tens of Millions of Dollars Contracted with Global Leaders


Equinom, Ltd. is the first seed-breeding company to open an R&D center that houses all vital departments together –biochemistry, applications, sensory, and breeding. The new center will enable these departments to work and communicate synergistically throughout the course of seed breeding and development, resulting in a more efficient and more accurate process.

Equinom Ltd. (Kibbutz Givat Brenner, Israel), is expanding operations to the North American market by opening offices in the U.S. Equinom’s business model directly connects food companies to the supply chain, increasing transparency and leading to responsible sourcing of high value plant protein.

Executive Team

Gil Shalev, PhD

Founder & CEO

Oswald Crasta, PhD

VP, Research & Development

Oron Gar, PhD

VP, Product Management

Tsipi Kagan


Itay Dana

VP, Marketing

Rick Mignella

EVP & Managing
Director, North America

Our Investors

Fortissimo Capital


Roquette Freres

The Danziger Group


Hazera (1939) Ltd

Gil Shalev, PHD.

Founder & CEO

Founder Gil Shalev is the driving force behind Equinom. He earned his PhD in plant genetics from Hebrew University of Jerusalem’s Faculty of Agriculture, and has expertise in plant genomics and breeding. Gil’s scientific achievements include developing an integrated sequencing technology for breeding and discovering new genes and gene combinations in numerous plants.

Gil has positioned Equinom to be a trailblazer in non-GMO seed breeding to enable global supply chains to provide food companies with grain varieties that precisely meet each application’s functional needs.

Oswald Crasta

PhD, VP of R&D

In his esteemed 30-plus year scientific career, Oswald has held broad research and management positions in academia and industry – developing and delivering innovations to biotechnological applications. He has over 10 years of senior leadership experience – formulating strategic direction and building implementation alliances.

Oswald has served as a senior R&D leader for Corteva Agriscience and Dow AgroSciences. He has also been active in international nutrition and development initiatives, having served on the scientific advisory boards for prominent programs such as the USAID-funded Soybean Innovation Lab and the world-bank-funded Africa Center of Excellence (Ghana). He also volunteers his time to crop science and agriculture development organizations.

Oswald has published extensively and is a popular scientific speaker. He earned a PhD in plant breeding & genetics, a PhD in crop physiology & agronomy, an MSc in agronomy and a BSc in agriculture. He completed a post-doctoral fellowship in molecular biology.

Oron Gar

PhD, VP of Product Development

Oron is a plant genetics and breeding expert with over 15 years of experience and core expertise in genetics and breeding of seeds, legumes, vegetables, grains and ornamentals. He possesses a strong background in computational biology and quantitative trait analysis. Oron is a master in developing advanced statistical and bioinformatics tools for big data mining.

He has deep knowledge of the global supply chain for legumes and grains. Oron earned his PhD in genetics and breeding, and his BSc in plant science.

Tsipi Kagan


Tsipi is a seasoned financial executive specializing in start-ups and fast-growing global science and technology companies. She previously served as CFO for Afimilk Agricultural Cooperative, Ceragon Networks, Xjet and Radvision.

Tsipi earned her MA in business administration and her BA in accounting and economics.

Itay Dana

VP of Marketing

Itay plans and execute the strategies, tactics and programs to generate awareness of, and interest in Equinom – to promote product demand. He cultivates partnerships and marketing channels for Equinom’s innovative product portfolio.

Itay’s expertise in agri-tech includes roles as Senior Director of Strategy & Business Development at Lycored, where he led technology scouting, partnership programs and marketing; Head of Food Innovation at Galam Group; and CTO and QA Manager at Cham Foods.

Itay earned his BSc in biotechnology and food engineering and his master’s degree in business administration.

Rick Mignella

EVP & Managing Director, North America

Rick is a senior executive and business leader with more than 25 years of experience in the food and ingredient industries.  His customer-centric approach merges food and ingredient expertise with innovation and high-impact business skills to help global companies reach their objectives and expand revenue. Rick has a deep understanding of the market from ideation to shelf, which has enabled him to identify synergies and establish collaborative partnerships throughout the supply chain.

Before joining Equinom, Rick was the General Manager, North America for the VeeTee Group and has held strategic business development positions with Ingredion and Cargill. He has consistently grown revenue and expanded markets, while building trusted relationships in diverse cultures and highly competitive global markets.

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