Pea protein is the most popular alternative protein in today’s new food applications. Equinom is breeding lines with enhanced levels of protein, a neutral savory flavor, and other nutritional benefits based on market needs.

Compared to market varieties, Equinom’s pea has 50% more protein, 55% more soluble protein, 5% higher AAS, and trypsin inhibitor activity that is 200% lower.


Quinoa is a highly nutritional crop, with protein qualities and quantities that are higher than most cereals. It is one of the only crops considered as a complete protein, providing nutritional values equivalent to animal proteins.

Equinom  high-yield quinoa seeds have up to 18% protein concentration. Our varieties include short (80-90 days) and long  (>120) cycle varieties, adapted to various climates and growing in different location worldwide.


Cowpea, an important crop in developing countries, has not been recognized yet by the food supply chain despite its very high protein levels and unique characteristics. We believe that it is only a question of time before it becomes a significant ingredient in plant based foods.

Equinom’s cowpea has protein content of 38%, 30% more soluble protein and 7.5% higher AAS.

Mung Bean

Mung bean is gaining global recognition as a food ingredient thanks to its relatively high protein concentration, good digestibility, low fat content and interesting functional properties. It demonstrates high thermal stability, solubility, high water and oil binding capacities and high foaming and gelling capacities.

Equinom is developing mung bean with higher protein content and optimal functional properties


Chickpea is gaining appreciation as an alternative source of protein and an interesting ingredient for new food applications, thanks to its excellent functional properties, high nutritional values and bland flavor. It is a good emulsifier, with a high foaming capacity, and water and fat binding capacities.

Equinom offers chickpea with 30% total protein, and an increase of 27% in soluble protein.


Lentil, a pulse crop primarily produced in Canada and India, and consumed globally, is a rich protein source with excellent digestibility. Its protein can serve as a good raw material for food applications thanks to its solubility levels and gelling capacity.

Equinom is developing lentil lines with 30% more soluble protein than commercial varieties. We are also addressing AAS, increasing the levels of essential amino acids. 


The only high-yield, shatter resistant sesame suitable for mechanical harvesting. Suitable for arid, semi-arid and Mediterranean climates, and bred to the specs of the sesame oil, baking and confectionary markets. Reliable and consistent quality. Available for growing in the USA and Australia.

Sesame for cooking and dressing oils

Equinom’s sesame varieties for cooking and dressing have white to brown colored seeds which contain high levels of fat, protein and antioxidants. The oil’s signature flavor is the result of an exclusive biochemical composition which also defines its high quality. Product shelf-life is long thanks to low PV and FFA values.

Sesame for confectionary and baking

Equinom’s sesame varieties for confectionary and baking have large white colored seeds, a shape familiar to us, as they are the same sesame that decorates rolls and buns everywhere around the world. Their exclusive biochemical composition, and high levels of carbohydrates, sugar and protein guarantee a perfect color when toasted.

Sesame for cosmetic products

Equinom’s sesame varieties for unrefined cold-press oil contain a unique biochemical composition with high levels of antioxidants, minerals and vitamins and higher proportion of fatty acids, all which contribute the oil’s health benefits and make it an excellent ingredient in cosmetic products.