Equinom, a seed-breeding technology company


Equinom, a seed-breeding technology company, creates superior food ingredients using precision breeding methods. Utilizing DNA sequencing, big data processing and proprietary algorithms, we enhance the nutritional values of grains and develop new varieties that represent the best of what nature has to offer. We partner with companies from the entire food ingredients supply chain, to develop varieties to exact specifications.

Equinom’s technology makes our breeding process 10-times more accurate than traditional methods, and cuts time-to-market by half. As a result, we are transforming the economics of mid-size market crops by opening them up to the benefits of advanced breeding technologies and the profits associated with implementing them.

Equinom is currently focused in two major areas:

Sesame, where we have revolutionized the market by developing superior-quality, high-yield varieties that can be harvested mechanically.

Protein, where we are focused on developing high-yield legume varieties with increased levels of protein, to develop the alternative protein to soy.

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