• Story

    Equinom’s mission: breeding future foods and bringing sustainable solutions to the food industry.
    Dramatic changes which transformed the field of genetics in the early 2000s and brought to the drastic cut in the cost of genomic sequencing in 2010 were the backdrop to the foundation of Equinom in 2012. Founder Gil Shalev, a PhD in plant genomics and breeding, realized that utilizing these breakthroughs, he could develop a technology that would make breeding faster and more accurate than ever before.
    Today, Equinom is proud to have collaborative partnerships with world leaders like Sabra, a PepsiCo. subsidiary, and Mitsui of Japan.
    We are the largest provider of high-yield, shatter-resistant sesame, with many acres of our sesame growing in the USA, Australia and Europe; and our current focus is plant protein, where we are set to accelerate the development of a sustainable, reliable and healthier alternative proteins, while solving the three most significant challenges facing the category: availability, diversity and price.
    Equinom is committed to working with the food industry (and its supply chain) to create better food ingredients, containing only what nature has given us. Our goal is to continue developing products that transform markets by changing their economics.

  • Team
Gil Shalev, PhD.
Founder & CEO
Avi Posen
VP Business Development
Oron Gar, PhD.
VP Product Delivery
Sigal Meirovitch, PhD.
Head of Protein Research
Arie Zackay, PhD.
Head of Bioinformatics & Genomics
Gonen Gozovsky
Head of Agronomy