Cultivating palate-pleasing foods that deliver sustainable nutrition

The world is searching for practical, quality, environmentally friendly foods to sustain the growing population and satisfy surging demand. Consumers who have choices desire the indulgent sensory experience of tasty, appetizing meals. Equinom is paving the way, with grains that satisfy both palates and appetites – for a healthy, nutritious and sustainable food future.

Inspired by nature. Empowered by technology.

Equinom is leveraging the bounties of nature by custom-breeding health-centric legumes and sesame, enabling the food industry to cherry-pick these ingredients to serve consumer needs. Setting new seed standards, Equinom combines superior nutrition, appeal and function, along with cultivation versatility and durability without compromising on yield.

Smarter Soybean

Equinom is redefining the power of soybeans, injecting all new value into this global staple – with enhanced taste, appealing texture and superior protein content, while delivering robust yield.

Smarter Yellow Pea

Equinom’s yellow peas are in high demand as whole legumes and for their powerful components. They feature a triad of benefits: superior protein content, competitive yields and robust functionality, including outstanding texture, taste and starch function.

Smarter Sesame

Smarter Sesame is transforming the global market, growing where no seed has gone before. Shatter-resistant Smarter Sesame can be mechanically cultivated, making these, high oil- and protein-content seeds highly profitable across regional economies. Equinom’s Smarter Sesame is grown across 80,000 acres globally.

Special Grains

Equinom has merely scratched the surface in breeding trait-rich grains that cater to diverse applications. These special Equinom grains, bred from hearty and hardy varieties, deliver broad functionality, superior protein, stellar yield and disease-resistant durability. Soon on the menu: high-potential, nutritious seeds tailored to local climates and cultural recipes – including chickpeas, mung beans, quinoa, cowpeas and fava beans.


Kibbutz Givat Brenner, Israel – In its commitment to the global drive for greater food security, seed breeding specialist Equinom Ltd., is leveraging advanced breeding techniques to promote agricultural biodiversity. 

Equinom Ltd., the seed-breeding pioneer, is gaining wide attention with high-quality, robust-yield sesame seed varieties that are now accessible to all food and oil producers in Japan.