The Market

Quinoa, a highly nutritional crop, is becoming a global commodity thanks to its protein qualities and quantities, which are higher than most cereals. The worldwide demand for the grain has surged in recent years, and it has since become a staple in vegetarian and gluten-free diets around the world. Due to its required growing conditions, production of quinoa has been limited to South America, specifically to coastal regions in the Andes. Quinoa is traditionally grown in cool climates with temperatures that vary between −4 °c during the night to 35 °c during the day.



Varieties ParametersMinMax
Life cycle (days) 80 120
Plant height (cm) 60 220
TGW (gr) 2.95 4.32
Protein (%) 12.4 16.3
Fat (%) 4.6 7.7
Carbohydrates (%) 62.2 68.6

Our Seeds

In breeding quinoa, Equinom focuses on creating high yield varieties that are adapted to diverse growing conditions, specifically to hotter climates. Our goal is to increase yield while extending the geographies where quinoa can be cultivated in mass quantities beyond the Andes, and as a result change the economics of the quinoa market. Equinom offers high yield varieties of quinoa with enhanced compactness to reduced lodging and increased heat settings. Our seeds are currently commercial in Ukraine, Ireland, USA and Israel.

Our Varieties

Equinom’s quinoa includes short cycle and long cycle varieties:

  • Short cycle: ideal for an 80-90 day growing season
  • Long cycle: suitable for growing cycles exceeding 120 days