Equinom breeds seeds that answer challenges faced by food developers, providing them with raw materials that require minimal processing.


Achieving higher concentration of protein in the seed, while preserving yields of a crop, results in net savings. By increasing protein levels by 50% compared to what is available today, Equinom transforms the economics of specialty crops, and contributes to the industry’s effort to create alternative proteins that appeal to the masses.


Food applications require different levels of solubility, gelation, emulsification and foaming. Solubility levels of Equinom’s products are up to 75% higher than current market variations, as a result our proteins can be successfully used in a wide range of new and innovative food applications.


The grassy, beany or green taste that often characterizes plant proteins, can¬†limit their use in many food applications. The best way to create a material with a bland taste is through breeding. As part of Equinom’s product definition, we create varieties with no aftertaste to answer industry need for neutral- flavor ingredients.


The factors determining protein quality are amino acid composition, and the protein’s digestibility. At Equinom, we develop high grade ingredients, and comply to the guidelines of world heath organizations and their amino acid score requirements for different age groups.


New food applications are designed to replicate the eating experience consumers are accustomed to. Equinom’s uses a seed analyzer to count and classify seeds by size, shape and color. Inputs are used in our breeding process to ensure color of our product meets industry requirements (white for dairy, neutral for meats and breads).


The presence of Anti Nutritional Factors (ANFs) may adversely affect protein digestibility and amino acid availability, and they must be removed either by breeding or processing. By reducing ANFs at the seed level, Equinom eliminates the need for processing of the raw material.